Sam ensures the well-being of your patients.

Sam is a multi-sensory, 4D device which provides for the well-being of people suffering from anxiety, depression, serious neuro-cognitive disorders or neuro-degenerative illnesses.

It offers an immersive experience in emotionally positive environments, to ensure increased well-being.

Sam allows patients to move within photo-realistic, immersive 4D environments, with 360° graphic rendering, advanced sound system and directional ventilation. An easy-to-use controller allows interaction with the environment. The environments are customised and adapted to the emotional responses of the patients, or the needs of the care team.

Proven effectiveness

A study was carried out on the use of Sam in 2021, by the psycho-physiology research unit of the teaching hospital Erasme-ULB. The results demonstrate significant improvement in well-being with patients, those who were suffering from neuro-cognitive disorders and others who were not, both during and after their time in the Sam session.

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inMersiv Technologies offers you the chance to pre-order the Sam system immediately. This system will put your institution at the cutting-edge of the technology, while also providing your patients with an innovative experience to promote their well-being.

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