Sam, a collaborative project with the hospital and academic world.

The development of the Sam project has aroused keen interest among specialists. We can rely on support from many notable people in the university and medical sector.

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“Sam can provide an elegant, drug-free solution for many psychological and behavioural disorders. It could also improve the quality of life for those who have no such problems.”

Dr. Sandra De Breucker
Head of Geriatric services
Dr. Jean-Christophe Bier

“We are keen to see Sam operational, because it could provide a drug-free solution for some psychological and behavioural disorders.”

Dr. Michel Hanset
Coordinating practitioner in MRS

These partners have been involved throughout the development of the Sam, with active support and participation.

We are working with several organisations, such as the Erasme hospital and Le Cambre care and rest home. With their help, we have succeeded in creating a really effective tool, which offers solutions suitable for your establishment.